Each candle is hand crafted in Dallas, Georgia using 100% premium soy wax vs a paraffin wax which is toxic when inhaled. Soy wax produces a cleaner and longer burn that is environmentally friendly. We have crafted our signature scents using essential oils and high end fragrance oils to give the candle an aromatic scent that will fill your entire room. Not only are our candles good for you and the environment, but the glass container is uniquely designed from recycled material. Each candle is contained in a re-purposed wine bottle collected from friends and family and then hand cut and sanded to make a beautiful candle for your enjoyment. In keeping with the "Wine" theme, we have uniquely designed each candle with a cork lid to be used for extinguishing your candle. No more hot wax blown everywhere or that burn wick smell. Only the scent of your beautiful candle.

Our candles are made of high quality materials and much more affordable than other "big name" candles of lesser quality. We offer 9 custom blended scents in  12 oz.hand cut wine bottles of premium soy wax that will burn for approximately 100+ hrs. We are happy to also announce our new addition of the 5.5 oz candle in all your favorite scents that will burn for approximately 45 hours. 

Corked candles come in 9 signature scents that each provide their own unique quality. The scents have been custom blended to offer an array of options for everyone to enjoy. We are sure you will like them all.

Try our candles today and see for yourself

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